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NCM offers proven systems from leading suppliers including:

Leak Testers – Inline and offline non destructive inspection technologies that utilize an ASTM approved pressure or vacuum decay leak test method (F2338-05) recognized by the FDA as a Consensus Standard for package integrity testing..
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We can inspect different type of packages including: :
cans, vials, syringes, bottles, ampoules, tanks, plastic bottles, preforms, etc.

Particle Detection – Inline and offline camera based inspection systems.

Combi - Leak tester and Particle detection inspection in same machine.

Vacuum test – Inline and offline head space pressure analysis inside a vial lyophillised vials using Laser Absorption Spectroscopy. Laser absorption spectroscopy is an optical measurement method for rapid and non-destructive gas analysis. The color or glass type of the vial under test does not influence the result and no nitrogen gas purge is needed.

Metal Detectors – Advanced technology to detect ferrous
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s and nonferrous metals down to one-half millimeter in size

Metal Separators – Protect your equipment and product purity by removing fine and weakly magnetic contamination from dry, free flowing or
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liquid products. We have a wide variety of equipment and systems depending on your industry. From pharmaceutical and food to the plastic and recycle industry, we have a system for you.

Powder Samplers and Te
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sters – Samples are taken from powder blends to test for content uniformity before further processing, such as tableting or encapsulation

Empty Capsule Eliminator - Designed to remove capsules and fragments in line.

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