Cleaning Systems and Validations

Dry Ice Cleaning Systems - we offer the most effective dry ice cleaning system in the market.

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BioWatste Decontamination - Small & large scale systems for thermal decontamination of effluents from biotech productions, R & D facilities, laboratories and hospitals.

Sterilizers - continuous heat treatment pieces of equipment especially dedicated to the sterilization of nutritional media before culture.
Applications and features

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      Cleaning Validation Tools – Remote swabbing and microbiological sampling tools.

      Tank Cleaning Systems – jet nozzles systems for
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      all kind of tanks and vessels shapes, with or without agitators.

      CIP / SIP Systems - innovative and highly specialized supplier of
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      modulized process cleaning and sterilization equipment and solutions (CIP/SIP) for GMP markets.

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      Washers - cCMP compliant washers manufactured with the highest workmanship and quality, they are designed from the start to be validated.

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