NCM International offers extensive experience in the design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of liquid process lines, including juice, water, milk and egg processes. Among the equipment and systems we provide are:

PELBO, worlwide leader in egg processing ibckuding

- egg wshing systems
- egg breaking systems
- yolk, white or whole egg systems
- pasteurization systems stems
- filling systems

THERMALINE, recognized name on heat transfer processing systems including:
- pasteurization systems (HTST, UHT, Aseptic)
- Plate heat exchangers
- Tubular heat exchangers
- Hygen ("shell tube") heat exchangers
- Water Hot Set

Feel free to complete our data sheets which will enable us to provide you with the correct thermal systems for your application


In addition, NCM offers you a wide range of processing and liquid filling systems and equipment including:

- Discharge tanks
- Mixing Tanks
- Homogenizers
- Sanitary Pumps
- Filling and Packaging lines
- Boilers
- Chillers
- Dryers
- CIP systems
- Turn Key Projects

We also offer spare parts from different manufacturers as well as provide plate heat exchangers verification systems (e.g. micro-leak analysis) regardless manufacturer.

Have any technical question or would like to receive more detail information, Do not hesitate and contact us.

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