Worldwide Leader in Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Systems

NCM Is the authorized distributor of Vacuum Barrier Corporation, the worldwide leader in liquid nitrogen dosing system. Liquid nitrogen dosing system is designed to inject a drop of rapidly expanding liquid nitrogen into the headspace of a container before capping or seaming. The resulting pressure adds strength to thin walled containers and reduces the headspace oxygen content.

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Our NITRODOSE ® Systems offers:

- Sealed or dynamic systems
- Simple installation, operation and start up.
- Variable speed valve for the lowest liquid nitrogen consumption with high efficiency and vacuum installation
- PLC control with language selection. Options for other controls available.
- Various heater block options
- Automatic CIP (clean in place) protection that withstands high pressure water or chemical clean up with hands free operation
- Dosing during acceleration and desaccelaration (watch Video)

Various models of NITRODOSE ® Systems are available for different speed requirements.

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Dosing Capabilities for 0 to 450 bpm; continuous stream thereafter

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    Dosing Capabilities for 0 to 750 bpm; continuous stream thereafter

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    Dosing Capabilities for 0 to 1500 bpm; continuous stream thereafte

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    Sterile, low pressure liquid nitrogen rated for all aseptic line speeds


    BLow cost, vacuum insulated liquid nitrogen delivery system that produces a fine stream of liquid nitrogen for beverage fobbing applicaitons

    Reduce beverage losses by eliminating foam overflow
    Reduce dissolved oxygen levels
    Reduce waste water
    Eliminate bacterial growth in cap threat
    Extent product shelf life, maintain product taste color and freshness    

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    Low cost system designed to provide liquid nitrogen dosing to large volume containers at an affordable price

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