Liquid Air Generators

Using the Stirling expansion principle, our reliable liquid air generators are capable of producing high quality liquid air at low energy and maintenance cost.


LIQUID AIR SUPPLY UP TO 2000L/DAY The StirLAIR-8 makes use of two SPC-4 process cryogenerators. Like all StirLAIR machines it has a long service life and is easy to operate and maintain. Operators only need to replace filters and compressor oil and perform routine checks between maintenance intervals, which is 6,000 operating hours.

If you require a steady and highly reliable supply of liquid air, the stand-alone StirLAIR production plants have what it takes to ensure a self-sufficient supply. These units are comparatively small in size and easy to use. Like all Stirling machines, a StirLAIR doesn’t need any gas reserves to work: it simply uses air. Your supply of liquid air is always safe thanks to the innovative Stirling AirLock that makes sure the stored liquid air stays stable over time.

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