Dry Ice Reformers
Reformer - 5x5

TOMCO2’s Dry Ice Reformers produce a small dry ice slab by recompressing dry ice pellets. The industrial designed reformer utilizes a unique volumetric filling chamber that produces consistent size and high quality dry ice slab. By recompressing dry ice pellets to a slab form instead of using the traditional bulk cutting method, product loss is minimized and liability issues from cutting with traditional band or gang saws are eliminated. Check our video.

Dry Ice Disc Press LB-450

Produce your own dry ice discs. Anytime. The LB-450 is designed to produce 450 7-ounce (198 g) dry ice discs with 4" (10.16 cm) diameter and 5/8" (1.59 cm) thickness per hour. Its completely automated controls allow an operator to key in an exact number of discs desired. These discs can be either bagged or loose depending on your needs.
While designed for the airline catering industry, this efficient and compact disc press has a wide range of applications. Its ability to produce the unique size and shape of dry ice discs makes this the most cost effective on-site production system available.

2 Snow Applications Equipment

TOMCO2 offers the most efficient Carbon Dioxide Snow applicators available. Our Snow Hoods can be adapted to your present production line and can be fully automatic or manually controlled. Simple to operate, TOMCO2's Snow Hoods offer a cost effective method of preventing dehydration, retarding bacteria growth and removing heat.

SH6A-E Snow Hood

The alternative snow applicator that provides the same cost effective features as our Model SH6A with the additional benefit of minimizing CO2 vapor in your production area.

 ASH-6 Snow Horn

MSH-6 Snow Horn

Dry Ice Boxes

TOMCO2 offers a wide variety of insulated dry ice storage boxes for use with dry ice pellets, discs, slices or blocks. They are designed to withstand the extreme cold temperatures of dry ice while retaining the durability needed for everyday operation. These long-lasting containers are durable for shipping speciments, frozen specimen storage, field colletion or cryogenic testing. Manufactured for short or long term storage.

Carbon Dioxide Monitor

Our carbon dioxide monitor helps ensure that it is safe for you and your staff to enter or work in areas where Carbon Dioxide or Dry Ice  is stored.

High concentrations of Carbon Dioxide in an enclosed space can be deadly to you or your staff.  TOMCO
2’s Carbon Dioxide Monitor incorporates the Analox Carbon Dioxide Sensor that is so reliable that we offer a 15-year Sensor warranty.   The monitor is also designed for harsh environments.

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