Dry Ice Pelletizers

TOMCO2 dry ice pelletizers allow you to manufacture dry ice pellets in your own facility.  Producing pellets on site is efficient and convenient. We have nine different models to meet your specific needs.  Various size extrusion dies are available to produce pellets best suited to your applications.

Our high-pressure HP-Pelletizers series allows you to manufacture your own high-density pellets for your CO
2cleaning needs. The DE-Series pelletizers offer you on-site flexibility for producing dry ice pellets for cooling your products and applications. Producing your own pellets will reduce sublimation loss.

Dry ice pellets have a wide variety of uses, including cleaning, food and seafood processing, transportation, airline service and catering.  One of TOMCO
2sales engineers can help you determine your pelletizing needs.

All of our DE-series pelletizers are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the food processing industry.  All models are also available with the CE Mark for European customers.  There is a nominal increase in dimensions for CE pelletizers.

HP-1000 / HP-500 Pelletizer
hp-1000_hp-500 pelitizer

Produce your own high-pressure pellets. The High Pressure (HP) Series is also available with CE mark (nominal increase in dimensions).

HP-200 / HP-100 Pelletizer
HP-200_HP-100 Pelitizer.JPG

Your efficient and economical alternative for smaller pellet requirements.

Dual Cylinder Pelletizer Model DE09RB-3000


Our newest dry ice pelletizer produces 3000 pounds (1360 kg) of dry ice pellets per hour.  The compact design provides maximum protection in a compact foot print. 

Dual Cylinder Pelletizers  - DE01RB-1000 & DE01RB-1500

DE89RB1500 JPG

Generate high volumes of dry ice for all your cooling needs. Our dual cylinder pelletizers come in two sizes allowing you to choose the pelletizer that fits your needs.

Single Cylinder Pelletizers DE01RB-100 and DE01RB-500


Our efficient and cost effective solutions for smaller cooling requirements.

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