CO2 Storage Units Overview
We offer several different models and sizes of storage units. You can choose from urethane insulated and vacuum insulated, horizontal and vertical units depending on your particular needs. Please find out more details about the differences between vacuum insulated and urethane insulated storage units, and about TOMCO2 storage units in general.
Our durable storage units consist of a welded steel pressure vessel designed, constructed, and tested in accordance with the requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII. Div. I, current at the time of storage unit construction, for Unfired Pressure Vessels.

The storage unit is constructed using high strength, fine grain carbon steel. TOMCO
2's storage units are constructed with SA-612, which has been normalized to improve the toughness of the material. The storage unit is designed for a maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) of 350 psig (2.41 mPa) at the minimum designed metal temperature (MDMT). The standard MDMT for a TOMCO2 liquid carbon dioxide storage unit is -20 F (-28.9 C), or colder.

Liquid carbon dioxide storage units are designed, constructed and tested for specific operating pressures and fill rates. The units must never be allowed to become completely full at the pressure relief device setting. The design pressure of a liquid carbon dioxide storage unit must be at least 10% above the normal operating pressure.

EA Series Horizontal

These long life carbon dioxide storage units come in a variety of capacities, and are designed to operate efficiently even in environments of high heat and humidity. Auxiliary outlets are available for additional liquid and vapor supply needs.


CA Series Horizontal

The CA-Series Carbon Dioxide storage unit is designed for balanced weight distribution in areas where placement is a concern. The unit is mounted on wide flanged rectangular skids.  As with all our storage units, maximum efficiency of operation is our first priority. This low-maintenance storage unit has totally enclosed valves, electrical and refrigeration, and may be locked for safety and security. Vaporizer equipment is available. A sleek aluminum factory finish conceals a 4" (10.16 cm) polyurethane insulation which allows for long life and maximum protection. Auxiliary outlets are available for additional liquid and vapor supply needs.

Ei Series Horizontal

The Ei-Series CO2 storage units are designed for International Customers.  The Ei design incorporates low profile saddles and strategic nozzle locations that reduce the overall height of the unit.  These units can be shipped via a 20' or 40' open top container (unit will be slightly over height) saving thousands in shipping costs. These efficient units are manufactured in sizes from 3.75 tons (3.4 MT) to 30 tons ( 27.2 MT) capacities.

Flex Flow Horizontal


The aluminum jacketed Horizontal Flex-FlowTM CO2 Storage Unit is the most economical storage unit for many CO2 applications. Combining the aluminum jacket with urethane insulation, this unit maintains your Carbon Dioxide's quality in an efficient way.


Flex Flow Vertical

Need a carbon dioxide storage unit for continuous product withdrawal?  No refrigeration required due to the 6” of insulation.

The The Flex-Flow™ storage unit offer minimal maintenance, efficent operation in heat and humidity, manway for inspection and cleaning, evaporator coil inside the vessel, and optional refrigeration unit. The Flex-Flow™ is available in nominal capacities of 6 tons to 120 tons (5.4 MT to 109.0 MT) in both horizontal and vertical CO
2 storage units.


Urethane Insulated Vertical

You can store up to 75 Tons (68.0 MT) of CO
2 in a very limited space with this efficient and reliable vertical aluminum skin storage unit.

Vertical Vacuum Insulated

Vacuum Insulated Vertical

The highly sophisticated technology of the Vertical Vacuum Insulated Storage Unit combines pressure stability of the CO
2 with the need for less room to set up your storage unit. These units do not require additional cooling of the Carbon Dioxide in many applications.

21 iso container

Iso Containers

Our rugged 20' ISO Container is approved for transporting liquid carbon dioxide by truck or ship to destinations worldwide. The hold time from 250 psig (17.2 bar) to 350 psig (24.1 bar) is greater than 30 days @122° F (-50° C) without the use of a refrigeration system.

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